March New Model and Member Workshop

Our next new member/model workshops (hosted over Zoom) is scheduled for 14 March, 14:00-17:30 approximately.

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the Life Models’ Society (LMS) must attend a workshop. This helps allow us to vouch for you as a responsible model, and to help you understand the modelling environment in Melbourne.

In the workshop potential model/members are tutored by very experienced life models who will show them through various poses; explaining what to expect at a modelling session for artists.

The workshops are a very good way to develop physicality and to get the good oil on what to do in front of your audience (usually made up of very grateful artists).

All the good, the bad, and the slightly awkward issues are covered here and will conclude with potential models ready to go out and get work within the art world. Some of the potential models are asked to work in the LMS salons, so artists can experience drawing models on the LMS list.

Anyone interested in registering for the March workshop should click the link here for more information.

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The Life Models' Society (LMS) is a collective of artists' models. We were formed in 1989 to provide a means for life models to get to know each other, and as a support group to standardise rates of pay and to improve our working conditions. Although we do not have the resources to act as a booking agency, we publish a list of available artists' models which is sent to all our subscribers, and updated several times a year.

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