Monkeypox and Life Modelling

There has been a fair amount of coverage in the last few months regarding Monkeypox. Monkeypox may be spread from person-to-person through skin-to-skin contact, contact with contaminated items or surfaces, and respiratory droplets.

People with monkeypox are infectious from the time that they develop their first symptoms (which may be a fever or a rash) and until rash lesions crust, dry or fall off.

Often symptoms and rashes will develop in the genital and anal region, an area of the body usually covered by clothing. When a model is engaged for nude drawing, this region is exposed to contact with surfaces. For more information, refer to the Department of Health warning.

The LMS advises models to bring their own fabric to sit on while posing, however this is even more important as the Monkey Pox may be spread by a models sharing contact with a surface, including fabric.

We advise all models to use only fabric they had supplied to sit on, and never to sit on a surface, such as a chair, stool, or the floor, without a fabric barrier between their skin and the surface. We encourage employers of models to help reinforce this behaviour by asking models to use their own fabric for this purpose, and reminding any models who may forget to use fabric.

Regardless of the responsibilities on models to bring and use their own fabric, we ask employers and venues to uphold high standards of hygiene, including wiping down surfaces with anti-bacterial wipes, and washing of fabric used in the venue.

As with transmission of COVID-19 or any other contagious illness, we remind models and artists alike not to attend a class when they are unwell.

LMS Winter Life-Drawing Salons

We’re back in person with our Life-Drawing Salons

Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 June, Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 July.

Morning 10:30am – 1:00pm (short poses) & Afternoon 1:30pm – 4:00pm (long pose)

Models to be announced.

Hosted at Princes Hill Community Centre, 5 Bagung Lane, Princes Hill.

Tickets are available online here.

Email us for discounts available for bulk purchases

Attendees must provide proof of vaccination and wear masks to enter this venue. Numbers are limited.

‘Fully Vaccinated’ Status

It is becoming clear that many venues and employers define ‘fully vaccinated’ as having had two initial shots, plus as many boosters as are recommended by the government (as at time of writing three vaccinations would be required to be fully vaccinated). Many employers are mandated to require ‘fully vaccinated’ people only to attend their places of work.

In line with this, the Committee will review the vaccination certificates provided to us and update the next edition of the model list to indicate 2V or 3V.

Please note that access to the model list is a paid subscription service, contact us via email to enquire about this service.

LMS Autumn Life-Drawing Salons

We’re back in person with our Life-Drawing Salons

Saturday 9 April, Morning 10:30am – 1:00pm (short poses with Elevan)
Sundayt 10 April, Morning 10:30am – 1:00pm (short poses with Odelia) & Afternoon 1:30pm – 4:00pm (long pose with Emily)

Hosted at Princes Hill Community Centre, 5 Bagung Lane, Princes Hill

Tickets are available online here.

Email us for discounts available for bulk purchases

Attendees must provide proof of vaccination (or valid exemption) to enter this venue. Numbers are limited.

Fundraising Life Drawing Events

Hi everyone

A concern has come to our attention that we wanted to share with you.

In the current climate, with the war in Ukraine, and the floods in NSW and QLD, there are a lot of people out there trying to do what they can to raise money for relief efforts. This is to be commended, however people can engage entirely in good faith and still have serious issues.

The concern we had is that there are operators out there who will use these situations to their own advantage. If you are approached to participate in a fundraising activity, please ensure you do your due diligence before accepting the job.

It is also possible you will be asked to perform or work or provide rights to publish or share existing photos or artwork for no pay as part of this arrangement. While you are welcome to accept an unpaying gig for charitable purposes, we recommend strongly that you are highly cautious of these gigs, especially when they are online.

As with all modelling jobs, the other LMS working conditions still apply for gratis jobs, and as with photography jobs, a model release is needed to ensure that the photographs are only used in a manner to which you agree.

Gigs where cryptocurrency or NFTS are involved in any capacity are particularly insecure, as the platforms are vulnerable to hacking.

If you have any questions about fundraising activities you have been approached about, please contact the committee, or Posey Corps to discuss.

The Committee

Classical vs Sexy posing

The Committee has recently received a number of queries regarding types of posing that could be called sexy, explicit, or erotic. 

Some models may have been told that sexy, explicit, erotic posing is more fun, or will get them more work. We understand that this being taught by another Melbourne based business who run modelling workshops (which is not associated with us and we will not name here). Further to this, we would add that posing in underwear is sexualised in a way that posing nude is not. 

We are diverse and come from a wide range of cultural understandings and experiences of nudity. If we want life modelling to be available to a diverse range of people that means keeping the understanding of what it is ‘standard’ so people can judge if the service they are hiring is culturally safe for the group and for the model.

We received an email from a group who had hired a number of models who had posed in a sexy way that made the group uncomfortable. The group asked for advice on how to respond to this; how to tell models not to pose in this way.

Sexualised posing is not appropriate for a standard life modelling job. This includes anything that is heavily genital focussed, or provocative in any way. We don’t mean to suggest that open leg poses are always out, however some poses will ‘present’ the genitals, while others are more sculptural.

The committee is bringing this to your attention for a couple of reasons, but the main one is CONSENT. Sexy/explicit/erotic/boudoir etc. are all valid forms of expression, but this type of posing:

  • must be negotiated in advance and agreed to by all parties
  • is more akin to sex work than life modelling, and has different responsibilities and considerations, and may include additional risks
  • should attract a significantly higher fee, starting at $150/hr.

By engaging in sexy posing without having had very clear conversations about this, a model may be exposing the artists to something they may not have agreed to see. This is especially problematic in educational settings, where you might have had to fight hard to have a model at all.

If you are okay with sexy posing, but are still paying the standard fee, you are undercutting sex workers who do this for a living, and you are setting up an expectation that other life models will do the same for the standard fee, which is not an expectation that is to be encouraged. All LMS members have been advised that sexy posing is an additional service and that it is to be negotiated ahead of time, that it attracts a significantly higher fee and is not something they are to agree to unless they are confident.

If you engage a model who is posing inappropriately for your group, we encourage you to have a quiet word to them about posing in a more classical way. We also encourage you to send this feedback to the Committee, via

Hen’s & Buck’s Events

A related topic has been working for hen’s or buck’s events. The Committee regularly receives requests from non-susbcribers relating to hen’s or buck’s events, and generally will refer them on to specific models who are also experienced in this area.

Bookings for hen’s and buck’s events are not the same as usual life-drawing. Most of the time, there will be quantities of alcohol, as well as a vaguely (or wildly) titillating atmosphere. People attending these events are unlikely to have been to life-drawing events in the past and are less likely to be familiar with the etiquette of modelling, especially with regard to making personal comments and taking photos (see also use of alcohol). 

For this reason, hen’s and buck’s events are more expensive for the hirer and more work for the model. We understand the standard fee starts at $150/hr for this kind of work also. 

Modelling in underwear

Modelling in underwear is not standard life-modelling. The Committee generally discourage modelling in underwear because, as mentioned, it can be seen as erotic and contributes to scandalising the genitals. If you have not been able to get agreement to have the model pose fully nude, we recommend requesting poses in a bathing costume, bikini, gym wear or other form fitting clothing.

If you require clothed poses of any form, including costume, this must be negotiation beforehand, not least because the model may not be wearing suitable garments to pose in. Models may request an additional fee to pose in costumes. 

Minimum Fees and Travel Costs

Changes to Minimum fees

The Committee advises that as of 1 July 2022, the minimum rate for drawing be increased to $45.00/hr, for at least two hours, and the minimum rate for reference photography be increased to $85.00/hr, for at least two hours.

The last update to model fees was 1 July 2019, generally fees will increase every two years.

Choose one of the following options:
For jobs which require over 90min total travel time (round trip) the LMS recommends the model be paid half hourly rate for all travel time.
For jobs more the 100km (round trip) from the models home the LMS recommends the model be paid at the Australian Tax Office kilometre reimbursement rate for the entire distance.

Time and kilometres are both based on driving time. Models using public transport only are encouraged to charge based on driving time/distance.

Generally speaking, the kilometre reimbursement will be a higher cost than the time reimbursement. It is up to the models’ discretion which is the more reasonable fee to charge.