The Life Models’ Society (LMS) has some principals that it wishes to uphold and some standards that it expects from its members in regard to how they deal with one another.

The LMS has several avenues for its Members to have their views heard:

  • They can attend any committee meeting
  • They can vote in any referendum, survey or election
  • They can present motions to the LMS at the Annual General Meeting

The LMS relies on the unpaid work of volunteers. While being grateful for any help offered, the elected committee reserves the right to decide what services and skills they choose to accept from members.

The LMS is an unincorporated entity, governed by the Constitution. For any complaints or feedback please contact us.

Code of Conduct

Every LMS member has the right to privacy. This principle binds any discussion within the LMS or in public. Each member only has to disclose information that is relevant to working professionally as a life model. At no point is a member to make an issue with another’s sexual preference, religious persuasion, medical history or body type, as none of these issues has any bearing on a life models’ ability to work professionally.

The LMS Workshop is a sacred place and no-one is to arrive unsolicited or without a purpose.

If any LMS member puts the good name of the LMS or any of its members in disrepute by their actions or inactions the issue will be taken up by a disciplinary committee and their future with the LMS will be discussed. Members are to conduct themselves civilly at any meeting or forum, and any unnecessarily rude, offensive or threatening behaviour will be dealt with without fear or favour. The chair of the meeting has the authority to eject any member if necessary.

If any member of the LMS has had an unpleasant or dangerous experience due to a client they must inform the LMS so it has the information necessary to take action in defence of its members. The LMS maintains a register of complaints and compliments for models, artists and venues. If you have any complaints of compliments please email us.

Breaches of the Code of Conduct will result in possible expulsion of the LMS.

Code of Conduct outside the LMS

Models are to replace themselves if they are unable to fulfil a job commitment. Models are expected to be punctual and ready for work when working on behalf of the LMS. Models are not to change procedure at a drawing class if not discussed with the people ultimately responsible for the class (this is in reference to untutored classes).

Life models are expected not to behave in any way that will shame other members of the LMS. The core of the Code of Conduct for behaviour within the LMS is expected in the behaviour outside of the LMS.

Working Conditions

The conditions that the LMS expects its members to work under will always be printed with the LMS list given out to members and subscribers. These can be used as a reference for members of the LMS and its subscribers.

LMS models and subscribers agree to be bound by the Working Conditions below:

  1. Provide a comfortable working space with good heating and adequate ventilation.
  2. Provide nearby changing room and toilet.
    NB: a toilet is not suitable as a changing room.
  3. Provide clean, comfortable props, e.g. rug for standing poses, mat and cushions for
    sitting/reclining poses, clean sheets.
  4. Give models 5 to 10 minute break for every 20-minute working session at model’s
  5. Ensure that model is visible to participant artists, students and teachers only.
  6. The minimum rate of pay for models is $40.00 per hour for nude, costume and portrait work. Minimum call out is two hours ($80.00). This includes auditions and try outs.
  7. For photographic modelling the minimum rate of pay is $75.00 per hour. Minimum call out is 2 hours.
  8. Never photograph model without model’s consent.
  9. In case of double booking pay model in full. In case of cancellation, model is to be paid if less than 48 hours prior notice is given.
  10. Do not touch model without model’s permission.
  11. Do not ask models to wear garments inappropriate for serious artistic pursuit.
  12. The model retains the right to refuse poses he or she considers inappropriate or
  13. Never use fixative indoors.
  14. No mobile phones or digital cameras are allowed in drawing studio.