Hourly Rates

All life models members are strongly encouraged to set their rates to whatever they feel is appropriate for the requested booking, location of booking, their individual skill, and perceived ability of the organisation to pay. It is the position of the Life Models’ Society (LMS) that $45 an hour (increased as of 1 July 2022) for a minimum of two hours is the bare minimum acceptable for any booking for life drawing. With $85 an hour (increased as of 1 July 2022) for a minimum of two hours being the absolute minimum involving photography.

At those rates, negotiations MUST include allowance for travel to and from the studio. It is unreasonable for a model to drive and hour each way for 2 hours of modelling for $90, for example. Models earn nothing at those rates and travel costs. However if it is 5 minutes up the road, it may be acceptable. LMS recommends a rate of 50% the agreed modelling fee as appropriate for travel time. Again, this is what we consider the bare minimum to cover costs. It in no way reflects the true value of modelling.

In making this decision we have considered the ability of private art groups and institutions to pay. We acknowledge that many non-subscribers do use our working conditions as a guide.