Life Models’ Society Members
All LMS members have attended a New Model and Member Workshop. This allows for all of our models who have had the same induction to the industry, health and safety concerns, expected behaviour and rates of pay.

We host workshops several times per year.

Once you have successfully completed the Workshop, the Life Models’ Society (LMS) will invite you to become a member of the LMS. You will be then added to our list of models. We publish a list that we give out to subscribers several times a year. They use this list to book models for the session that they are conducting.

Membership must be renewed each year, in January. Generally the fee is $50.

The LMS also expects certain conditions to be maintained by our subscribers in terms of the work environment and payment to models. Model memers are also expected to uphold the Working Conditions.

The LMS publishes a newsletter several times a year to keep members abreast of all things that may interest models or affect their working experience. There are opportunities to socialise with other models as well.

The LMS is run by an elected Committee of seven members. The meetings of this committee are open to any interested members of the LMS. You can contact the Secretary for the dates of the meetings.

All meetings of the LMS are recorded via meeting minutes and the minutes can be sent to interested members. This includes financial reports and the reports from the Annual General Meeting.

If you are going to a job and need a person to come with you, or chaperone, you can contact us and we will find an LMS member to escort you if need be.

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