Frequently asked questions
Please read this page before contacting the Life Models’ Society.

How do I become a life model?
To become a model member of the LMS all new members are required to attend a workshop.

We do not need descriptions or resumes or photographs of potential models. The workshop handles issues of professionalism and OH&S.

It is equally valuable to new and experienced models, and is a great bonding experience for members.

How do I hire a life model?
The LMS publish a list of active and trained models.

We are not a booking agency, and do not usually handle bookings directly. Financial subscribers to the LMS will recieve regular newsletter and model list updates from us.

If you have a once off event requiring models, we can provide your details to our members and they will contact you to apply for the job. To become a paid subscriber please email us.

All jobs taken by or referred to LMS members must adhere to the Working Conditions.

We host events during the year where artists can meet models and see their work. This can be a great help if you are booking or conducting a life drawing session.