In Memoriam

It is with great sadness the LMS acknowledges the passing of our long-time friend and artist, Gary Cassidy.

For over a decade, Gary had been respected and liked by the LMS community and by artists groups where he drew. His artworks are colourful and full of contrast which created dynamic pictorial representations.

A stalwart at the LMS model’s workshops and Sunday life drawing at Princes Hill Community Centre, Gary made models feel at ease, whether they were anxious and just starting out, or confident and experienced.

He will be greatly missed by all who have known him. He was generous with his time and kind towards others, especially those in our society who were vulnerable as he also was living on the fringe. I will never forget the times I have gotten to know Gary, spent with him and shared with him.

-Patrick Loverso

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The Life Models' Society (LMS) is a collective of artists' models. We were formed in 1989 to provide a means for life models to get to know each other, and as a support group to standardise rates of pay and to improve our working conditions. Although we do not have the resources to act as a booking agency, we publish a list of available artists' models which is sent to all our subscribers, and updated several times a year.

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