Zoom Life Drawing with Madelyn

Back in March none of us would have predicted we would still be facing significant social restrictions in August, but here we are.

The LMS Committee is now starting Zoom Life Drawing sessions featuring our models.

Madelyn, self-portraits

Our first session will feature model Madelyn. Madelyn is a prolific artists of no fixed media, theme or subject matter. She has just started working on a book about bees. She is a model with several years experience for drawing and photography.

Date: Sunday 30 August, 2020 @ 2:00-4:00pm
Prices are $18.00 full, $15.00 concession, $30.00 household (two or more artists using the same screen)
Tickets are available from Trybooking: 

LMS Model members are entitled to 50% discount please email us for details.


September Updates
Our constitution has been updated. New version is available here.
2019 Annual general meeting minutes are available here.
Various dates for 2020 have been updated on our events page.

Update to minimum rates
The minimum rate for drawing increased to $40.00 per hour, for a minimum of two hours, as of 1 July 2019.

In no way do we think this reflects the true value of modeling, and it simply represents the bare minimum our members will accept. We continue to encourage models to charge what they feel is fair for their skills and the venues ability to pay.

2018 AGM Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes for end of 2018 are available here.